If you are a nudist or just someone who wants to learn about the nudist culture and lifestyle, there are a few places to check out here in the Hudson Valley. Please keep in mind that you can not just show up and be a perv. The people who enjoy their right to be 'free and naked' outdoors take this very seriously.

Make sure to contact them in advance so you know what their rules are, fees, visitor expectations, etc:

  • Juniper Woods in the Catskills, considers themselves to be 'clothing optional'
  • Split Rock Hole in New Paltz. According to one source, their is two parts to this local swimming area. One where clothing is mandatory, a second where it is option. Please make sure that you know which spot you are in, before you shed the swimwear.
  • Stony Kills Falls, located near Lake Minnewaska. Here is another one that has a second clothing optional spot. Make sure to follow the signs.

One rule that you will want to follow? When you get to your spot, put the cell phone away. You being spotted with your phone, might make other guests feel uncomfortable, and they could think that you are taking either photos or video's of them.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy your day, without the phone. You never know what might happen.

Is there another 'clothing optional' area here in the Hudson Valley that we should know about? Let us know. HT NewYorkUpstate for the inspiration for this.

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