I've seen some interesting things while riding on the trains in New York City but I have never seen a guy dressed up like Brett Hart attack another dude dressed as Shawn Michaels.

Most of us have to catch professional wrestling matches on television or at big arenas. It turns out you might just have to be in the right train car at the right time.

Who hasn't wrestled with their siblings or maybe even their friends in the backyard when they were younger? There's a group of passionate wrestling fans and wrestlers who recreate some of the most iconic WWE matches and feuds on the subway in front of dozens of commuters. These outrageous spectacles are a part of something called Subway Mania and it is the brainchild of Tim "HANN" Rivera. These matches have been going on for years and Rivera admits that commuters were puzzled at first but now riders cheer them on and love the entertainment.

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Remember these guys are having fun but they are professionals and are supervised by professionals. Recreating these videos or videos is not encouraged.

@timhannrivera WWE Stone Cold gets trapped in NYC subway #WWE #Stonecold #SubwayMania #Comedy #FunnyVideos ♬ original sound - Timhannrivera

They don't just have matches. These guys have shows. Here are some clips of a mock Royal Rumble they put on shows with entrances and commentary.

@timhannrivera WWE Cosplay Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels enter the Subway Royal Rumble #SubwayMania#WWE♬ original sound - Timhannrivera


Be on the lookout for these guys on your next commute. Maybe everyone except John Cena because you can't see him...

@timhannrivera Juan Cena > John Cena That time John Cena made his Subway Mania debut #JohnCena#WWE#Comedy#Parody#NYC#Funny#FYP♬ original sound - Timhannrivera

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