Have you ever wanted to own a home that previously housed a New York Yankees' player?

It's a very specific dream, but believe it or not, your chance to live that dream has arrived...kind of. A sports memorabilia company is giving fans of the Yankees, as well as baseball fans everywhere, to purchase a share of the childhood home of a Bronx Bomber legend.

We have the latest information for those of you who are ready to become a very specific type of homeowner.

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Pay a Minimal Fee, and Own a Share of Mickey Mantle's Childhood Home

No, seriously, that's what this story is about.

ESPN penned an article detailing a new promotion being offered by Rally, a collectibles company that sells shares in wine, vintage watches, sports cars and other memorabilia. Rally is selling up to 47,000 shares in the childhood home of Mickey Mantle, which is located in Commerce, Oklahoma.

Here is where it's located:

The Commerce house was valued at $329,000, after being purchased for $175,000 in 2022. With that number in mind, Rally is offering each share for a grand total of $7.

That is the honest-to-goodness price to own a small piece of the childhood home of Mantle, a seven-time World Series champion, and TWENTY-time All-Star. Mantle was known as the Commerce Comet, having grown up in the town with a population of roughly 2,200.

Once the shares have been purchased and distributed, shareholders will have a collective say on the future of the home, and whether or not it will be sold to another investor.

In the mean-time, Rally is still looking to increase traffic to the home. It sees potential for Airbnb-style short-term rentals, a market for trading cards with pieces of the property embedded in them, and the construction of a little league field on the property, according to ESPN.

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The shares will be available to the public on October 27th. You can check out Rally's official website for more information.

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