Are you surprised that this town near Albany collected the most court fees in all of Upstate New York?

There are small towns and villages all across the Capital Region that have reputations of handing out traffic tickets and other citations pretty easily. When I read that this particular town had more fees than any other Upstate New York town I was not shocked in the least.

No, it's not Bethlehem - which was kind of surprising to me. It also was not Guilderland, but they did make the list of top 25 towns for fees.

Colonie takes the top spot

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes that's right, Colonie tallied more court fees than any other town or village in Upstate New York in 2023. I am not surprised given the size and all of the activity that goes on in Colonie. They are bound to have quite a few people coming through their court systems.

In total, Colonie collected $1.6 million in court fees according to Data Wrapper.

They weren't the only Capital Region town to make the list. Guilderland, Rotterdam, Clifton Park and Queensbury all rounded out the top 25.

Data Wrapper
Data Wrapper

Again, I was pretty shocked not to see Bethlehem on that list because anyone who goes through there knows to be on the look out and slow down.

The fees weren't just made up of traffic tickets. It had to do with penalties that were also imposed from other criminal and civil cases as well, according to New York Upstate.

Were there any other Capital Region places you're surprised to not see on this list?

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