Alien Abduction in Upstate New York?

Admittedly, I'm fascinated by UFOs, UAPs, and the thought of visitors from another planet visiting Earth.  And while I desperately want to believe that aliens exist, a recent extraterrestrial sighting might be too far-fetched for even me to believe.

Grab your tin foil hat!

According to the alleged eyewitness, two women were walking down Stone Schoolhouse Road in Lake George when "two white cubes appeared, took them up into the sky, and disappeared."

Light beam from flying UFO (alien spaceship). 3D rendered illustration.
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The sighting, which allegedly happened on May 28th, was reported two days later to NUFORC, a non-governmental, non-profit corporation registered in Washington State that documents UFO / UAP sightings and alleged alien contacts.

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Stone Schoolhouse Road, Lake George, where an alleged alien abduction was reported back on May 30th. Photo: Google Maps

The report states that after the two white cubes appeared, the hovering craft took one person up and then the other.  The witness claims that "they both floated up into the sky and disappeared."

"Two “women” were walking in front of 9 Stone Schoolhouse Rd. Two white cubes appeared and took one person up and the other up. They both floated up into the sky and disappeared. This was sighted from approximately 50 yards by a 10.5-year-old girl while walking her dog." NUFORC


Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Were There Any Other Witnesses?

Based upon the report, the eyewitness claims that they were about 50 yards away from the abduction and that it was also seen by a young girl walking her dog.

"This was sighted from approximately 50 yards by a 10.5-year-old girl while walking her dog. The dog was also looking at the event when it happened. The girl noticed the dog watching, and she looked over."

We don't know if the girl reported anything, but the alleged eyewitness certainly did.

Stone Schoolhouse Road in Lake George. Was this the site of a recent alien abduction? One local says it was. Photo: Google Maps
Stone Schoolhouse Road in Lake George. Was this the site of a recent alien abduction? One local says it was. Photo: Google Maps

Details About the Alleged Encounter

Location: Lake George, NY, USA
Location details: On the road
Shape: Cube
Color: White
Estimated Size: Human size
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: Straight ahead
Closest Distance: 50 yards
Estimated Speed: Not that fast
Characteristics: Animals reacted

The National UFO Reporting Center was founded in 1974 by UFO investigator Robert J. Gribble. Over the past five decades, the Center’s primary function has been to receive, record, and, to the most significant degree, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have witnessed unusual, possibly UFO-related events. They've processed over 170,000 reports and distributed its information to thousands of individuals throughout history.

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