Albany just had its warmest winter on record, and record-breaking temperatures could follow this summer.

This winter felt way warmer than normal, we had barely any snow, and as it turns out, it was the warmest Albany winter ever recorded since temperatures started getting tracked back in 1820, according to CBS 6.

As we head into summertime, you may find it hard to believe Albany has not hit 100 degrees in over 70 years. Could this be the summer we break that streak? Forecasters say this mild trend in Upstate New York will continue with the potential for record-breaking heat in the months ahead.


Weather Channel Calls For "Abnormally Hot" New York Summer

Weather Channel has revealed its temperature outlook for summer 2024, and they are calling for a scorcher with the potential for record-breaking,  "abnormally hot" temperatures. Weather Channel forecasters are saying "...warmer-than-average conditions are expected to encompass much of the country this summer..." and "...this could end up being one of the hottest summers on record."

So what does this mean for New York specifically? The Weather Channel's temperature maps predict the whole Empire State will be one of the areas with above-average temperatures through June, July, and August.  This warming trend is not just reserved for summer either. The Weather Channel says the above-average temperatures will be felt starting in May!

What Are Other Forecasters Saying?

The Farmers' Almanac has also chimed in with their summer forecast, and their forecasters are also calling for a "warm, hot, and muggy" summer for most of the nation..." saying the Northeast specifically will be "sultry & soggy."

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