A popular store with numerous locations is "closed forever with no warning."

The Body Shop, a UK-based beauty cosmetic and personal care chain is shutting down its U.S. operations after filing for bankruptcy.

The Body Shop Closes All Locations

Cosmetics Retailer The Body Shop To Close All U.S. Stores
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The U.K.-based chain filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in New York, according to court documents. The move states the company will close all U.S. locations and sell off some assets to pay back its creditors, according to CNBC.

Top officials blamed the mismanagement from the company's previous owners as well as the changing and challenging retail landscape.

The Body Shop opened up in 1976.

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"A force for good in beauty since ’76," the company states on Instagram. "We believe self-love is our superpower."

One Of The First Companies To Not Test Products On Animals

Cosmetics Retailer The Body Shop To Close All U.S. Stores
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The company made a name for itself being one of the first companies to prohibit testing on animals.

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"The Body Shop was also the first beauty retailer to campaign against animal testing in cosmetics in 1989, with a fundamental belief that animals should not be harmed in the pursuit of beauty," the company stated in a press release.

The store was proud to sell natural and cruelty-free products. In early 2024, The Body Shop became the world's first global beauty brand "to achieve 100% vegan product formulations across all ranges including skincare, body care, haircare, makeup and fragrance."

There were seven locations in New York State, according to Scrape Hero.

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A sign outside one store states the closure came with "no warning to employees."

Cosmetics Retailer The Body Shop To Close All U.S. Stores
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As of last year, The Body Shop has over 2,500 locations across over 80 countries, CNN reports.

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