In what looked liked a scene out of "2020, The Movie," a street in Troy appeared to split wide open on Monday afternoon after a water main break caused damage to the intersection of King and Jacob Streets in the Collar City.

When the colossal crater opened up, water gushed and trees were swallowed up creating a massive hole that fortunately, didn't take any people with it.   According to CBS News, while crews work to repair the affected area, King Street between Federal and River Streets is closed and  Eastbound traffic on Federal Street is detoured on 6th Avenue.

City of Troy

Sidewinder Photography posted a video to their Facebook page and the comment section was instantly flooded with statements that - much like the crater itself - sunk pretty low.  While most people mentioned a thing or two about life and times in 2020, some took it a little deeper.

Tyler Casey wrote: "Now if it would swallow all of Troy."

Johnny Spot added: "My bad, I used the heavy duty plunger"


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