Update 2:48pm: Reports are these are residential buildings. Crews from Watervliet, Green Island and the Watervliet Arsenal are reported to be on the scene

Watervliet Police are asking drivers and pedestrians to avoid the 2300 block of 6th Avenue as fire crews are dealing with a large structure fire.

Reports say multiple buildings are involved, so far no reports of any injuries or deaths.

The Berlin, NY Fire of 1962

On July 25, 1962 a tanker truck carrying 7000 gallons of propane went off the road and exploded. Homes and buildings were destroyed and ten people lost their lives, including the driver of the truck.

Gallery Credit: CBS 6

Intense Heat: Car Catches on Fire at the Entrance to Shenendehowa Campus

It happened on Friday July 1st, crews were called to the scene around 7pm and had to shut down a portion of the busy Route 146 in Clifton Park as they brought the car fire under control. Nobody was injured, but pretty much all that remains is the metal.

Gallery Credit: Clifton Park Volunteer Fire Department

The Aftermath of the 1998 Mechanicville-Stillwater Tornado

On May 31, 1998 a rare but powerful tornado ripped through the towns of Mechanicville and Stillwater in Saratoga County. The following day the reality of the devastation set in. Homes, buildings, businesses and vehicles were destroyed, not to mention the hundreds of families who were left homeless.

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