A popular tavern near Lark Street in Albany known for its great burgers, wings, and friendly neighborhood vibe, has been closed down due to the pandemic for months.  Once a bustling nightspot in an area supported by college students, locals, and visitors to the city of Albany, The Lark Tavern sits largely unoccupied and its owner has put the building up for sale.

Mike DiNapoli, the Albany optician who owns the building that occupies Lark Tavern as well as the laundromat next door, tells the Times Union that he has multiple offers for the property located at 354 Madison Ave in Albany.  It sits near that Dunkin' on the corner of Madison and Lark.

The Lark Tavern isn't technically on Lark Street, but it's a place that has been around for so long and is so rich with tradition and memories in Center Square Albany, that its earned the right to call itself anything it wants.

The seller of the building told the Times Union that he hopes the new owners would reopen the space and run the business much like the way the Lark Tavern has always been run for the last 90 years or so.  According to the Times Union, DiNapoli would be willing to offer prospective buyers a possible price break if they do so.

According to the Times Union, interested buyers are asked to message Mike DiNapoli at 518-424-7866.

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