We've had roughly 24 hours to digest the New York Jets' abysmal performance against the New England Patriots to open up the team's slate of games at Metlife Stadium. With the dust now having settled, let's point some fingers.

Who deserves the blame for the atrocity that occurred at the Meadowlands?

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Look, I will support Zach Wilson through thick and thin. I'm not a Jets fan, but I'm a fan of good football, and the team that New York surrounded Wilson with this season is mediocre at best, and disastrous at worst. I'll always *try* to give him the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, Wilson was awful yesterday. His decision-making on throws was just not where it needs to be. With the majority of his interceptions or tipped passes, he was making decisions that he would've gotten away with in college, but that NFL secondaries won't let fly. Wilson's thought process as a passer needs to improve and mature...quickly.


While watching the game, it became more and more clear that while Bill Belichick was playing chess, Robert Saleh was still assembling the checkers board. The play-calling for the Patriots, as it always has been, was creative and unique, creating diversions among the defenders, and giving Mac Jones more time to survey his receiving options.

Saleh and LaFleur's play-calling certainly wasn't the worst part of the game, but it wasn't the best, either. Don't run the ball up the middle on third and goal from the five yard line. Give Zach Wilson more "bail-out' receiving options, and encourage him to use them before one interception becomes FOUR.


Even when Zach Wilson *WAS* making correct decisions, it was often too late. His athleticism was able to get him out of a number of sticky situations in the pocket, but even he could not escape from them all. As a unit, the offensive line needs to give Wilson more time to throw, and more space in which to do it.

Easier said than done, which leads me to...


These team is far from perfect, and thus far, Joe Douglas has done a nice job. That said, your lack of a back-up quarterback could become an issue if games like this weekend's persist.

So, at which party are you pointing your finger?

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