Did you realize there's a town in the Capital Region where it's illegal to sell alcohol? Neither did I, but they're hoping to change the rules with an upcoming vote.

Driving through the Glens Falls area, you may come across the town of Argyle but what you might not realize is the town is completely dry. Back in June, News Channel 13 reported that members of the town were trying to get signatures for a petition to allow alcohol to be sold in the town for the first time since 1933.

The main reason for the town wanting to change this law is because of the craft beer industry quickly growing in the state. According to the New York State Brewers Association in 2018, New York has 434 breweries and quickly growing and the people of Argyle want a piece of that boom for their local economy. Farmers would have a chance to utilize their space to grow hops, malt, etc, as well.

Residents will also have to decide where they will allow alcohol to be sold. Those opposed say they "don’t want the town to become unruly and they like the uniqueness of being a dry town." The vote is on November 5th.

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