Benita Zahn has been a wonderful mainstay at News Channel 13 for many years.  I don't know how many to be exact, but I'm old enough to go way back to the days of Ed Dague, Chris Kapostasy, Norm Sebastian, and Bob McNamara "with sports!"   News Channel 13 has evolved their look over the years - and many anchors have come and gone - but one thing had always been a constant; Benita Zahn.

Zahn, the informed, spirited, trustworthy, versatile, compassionate news anchor/health reporter with the distinctly unique speech pattern shocked viewers on Tuesday afternoon when she made the surprising retirement announcement at the end of an afternoon newscast alongside partner Jerry Gretzinger.

"On May 28th," Zahn announced "I will be turning in my...anchor shoes.  I'm going to be here through the end of the month then will be calling it a career here at News Channel 13."

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Zahn who has always had a zest for health and fitness told viewers that while she's been on the air she has "loved every minute" but her passion appeared to have shifted a bit.

During the pandemic, while experiencing more "downtime at home,"  Zahn said that she studied to become a certified health coach and her love for that line of work led her to this new career path, a path she plans on exploring after her time at News Channel 13 comes to an end.

It's hard to tell how much info Zahn's colleague Jerry Gretzinger had before the announcement, but I'm guessing he didn't have a ton of time to prepare.  Much like us, Gretzinger seemed genuinely surprised by the announcement.

"A lot of our jaws are on the floor," he said as he reacted to the news in real-time.



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