Not only was a local man on television but he was doing something incredibly cool but he might be the person you have to find during a zombie apocalypse.

Daniel Lucynski of Queensbury has been trying to get on History Channel's "Forged in Fire" for years and finally, he appeared last night.

The point of the show is to pit people against each other to test how well they forge blades. The fact that he does this as a hobby and sells knives is impressive but even more, is what he did to be on the show. According to the Post Star, "Lucynski is 40 and has been suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia for 18 years. He was undergoing chemotherapy for the disease recently but halted treatments so he could compete."

The show was filmed in Stamford, CT where they flew him for four days of filming. The competition narrows them down to two where they then get to return to their home forges to finish. Daniel didn't win the show but he did make it to the second round and did a great job!

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