No comedian had a bigger 2022 than Pete Davidson. He left SNL, started dating Kim Kardashian, starred in a slasher movie, got in a very public feud with Kanye West, split up with Kim, is possibly dating Emily Ratajkowski, and ended up one of the top 10 most Googled celebrities of the year. He also listed his “disgusting” apartment for sale – his word, not mine.

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Pete called the 1,592 square-foot, $1.29 million Staten Island apartment disgusting during a remote interview on NBCLX. While he probably called the apartment disgusting because of his bachelor lifestyle, the digs honestly aren’t that great to begin with. That’s why he’s ditching the joint to move to Brooklyn.

Inside Pete Davidson's $1.29m NY Apartment He Said Was "Disgusting"

Pete is famously very pro-Staten-Island while many in the City are in a rush to forget the place exists. I don’t think he’s lost touch with his roots, but I don’t blame him for wanting a new place now that he’s got all that sweet, sweet Taco Bell money.

The condominium is pretty new – built in 2015. The listing flaunts “unparalleled metropolitan views of New York City,” but I’m not seeing it. The photos make it look very close to the Staten Island Ferry terminal (or storage), so that’s either very convenient or very noisy. Here’s how I see it:

·      Ocean view balcony
·      Open floor plan
·      Natural light
·      Kim Kardashian definitely spent the night here at least once

·      Staten Island Ferry traffic
·      Absolutely ZERO character in the building
·      Could possibly need a deep-clean, per previous occupant

Take a look for yourself and judge: disgusting, bland, or a comedy gold-mine?

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

Take A Look Inside Ivana Trump's Gilded NY Home

Ivana Trump purchased the house in 1992 after divorcing Donald Trump and lived there for 30 years until her death. She paid $2.5 million for the home, which is just over $5.3 million adjusted for inflation today. Clearly the property was a good investment, as it’s now selling for $26.5 million.

If you had to use one word to describe the place, it would likely be ‘lavish.’ The walls are paneled in silk, the fireplaces are gold-inlaid marble, and the bathrooms have chandeliers. There six stories of 10 foot ceilings over 8,750 square-feet. If that’s not enough room for you to entertain the elite, take the party to the 700 additional square feet of outdoor space, including a private courtyard.

Take a look inside:

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

Take A Fabulous Look Inside The Former NY Home Of Hollywood Legend Greta Garbo

You can now own your own piece of classic Hollywood history – Greta Garbo’s NYC apartment is now for sale. While she passed away in 1990, the majority of her hand-picked interior is still intact. Looking around the three bedroom, three bath apartment, you can legitimately feel the elegance of 20s and 30s cinema radiating from the pictures.

Now, this luxury comes with a price - $6.25 million – but that number was a half million higher last week, so maybe you could finagle a deal. The apartment is part of The Campanile, a historic co-op built in 1927, and they’re very exclusive. Their HOA fees are $10,940 per month, and they won’t allow financing, so show up with a briefcase full of cash.

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

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