Coming soon it will cost a little more at the toll much more? We not sure yet. You can just expect that it's going to take bigger cup of change in your car, or a bigger deposit in your E-ZPass account.

A current study by an independent analyst says that The New York Thruway will have to raise tolls to pay off debts from the Tappan Zee Bridge and other road projects.

According to an atricle in tolls are some of the lowest in the Northeast.

"Bloomberg reported that overall Thruway toll rates per mile are the second lowest for cars among 24 toll roads in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Thruway tolls were last raised in 2010."

So, we've gone 4 years without a rate hike and now it looks like tolls with go up by 2022 or earlier. We might not like it, but what choice do we really have?

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