Yesterday we heard about street closures in Troy due to filming of the Amazon Prime series "Modern Love". Well, apparently some people didn't get the hint to move their vehicles. So they got quite the wake-up call at about 5:00 am.

There were flyers, like this one all over the area letting people know about the parking restrictions.


Victoria Yeutter shot this video overlooking Monument Square in Troy at 5:08 am where sirens were blaring and lights were flashing trying to wake people up to move their cars that were in the way of the film crew. It is 12 alarm fire kinda loud. If I wasn't aware of the film crew and the road restrictions I would have sworn half of Troy was having an emergency.

At first, it seems like a jerk thing to do at 5:00 am, but in reality, they were trying to save people from having their cars towed and having to pay about $200 to get them back. Victoria Yeutter, who goes by Duckinmybelly on Reddit, said, "Got a few people to come out and move their cars, including one in his boxers and a t-shirt!"

According to the Troy City website, these are the traffic and parking restrictions. The production will involve daily street closures from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting on Monday, September 21st, through Wednesday, September 23rd:

  • 2nd Street between State Street and River Street
  • Broadway between 3rd Street and River Street
  • River Street between 3rd Street and State Street
  •  Intermittent traffic flow may be permitted on September 22nd, 23rd

Parking restrictions will also be in effect for the same period (Sept. 21 – 23) in the vicinity of the road closures. Motorists should observe all traffic detours and posted parking restrictions.

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