Instead of shopping at Target, how about working for them? You can earn twenty-plus dollars per hour too. There are two locations in the Capital Region hiring nearly two thousand workers for the Target distribution center.

The two thousand jobs available at Target are located in the Wilton and Amsterdam distribution centers. They are looking to fill hiring managers, warehouse, and operational staff positions. These positions are vital to keeping the supply chain of products moving to the Target shelves according to News 10 ABC. Jobs in this area usually start at fifteen dollars per hour but in the Capital Region, they are hiring workers to start at twenty dollars and forty cents per hour.

There is a dire need for workers in the supply distribution centers across the country. Eventually, Target hopes to hire thirty thousand new workers. According to the Target jobs website, there are ten jobs available in the Colonie area. These jobs include a Target security specialist, Assistant Store Manager-Team Leader, specialty sales, cashiers, front of store attendants, and more. To apply, click HERE. There is also an Hourly Warehouse Operations job available at the Wilton distribution center that offers a three thousand dollars signing bonus and starting wage is twenty-five dollars per hour. To apply click HERE.

These jobs at target are not seasonal jobs, they are jobs that need to be filled now. Some of them are full-time jobs and are available right away. There will probably be a list of seasonal jobs out soon too. We are almost into the holiday season.

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