It appears as though a tractor-trailer unloaded a massive amount of a powdery, red substance that can be seen for miles on 1-90 westbound.  At various points of the dry chemical spill, it literally coats the entire width of the road and goes a long, long way. There have been no confirmed reports on what exactly spilled, but GNA listeners have claimed to see remnants of the spill as far west as Canajoharie which is a good 30 miles or so.

One listener who drives a truck for a large shipping company told us that he believed the powder was a "hazmat oxidizer" and according to News 10 ABC, this "mildly hazardous" substance has caused lanes between 25a and 26 to be shut down while crews attempt to clean it up.

One listener we spoke to claimed that he was going down the Thruway heading west and he did in fact see traces of it well past the Rotterdam area.  He told Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA that he was almost into Canajoharie and could still see red dust and powder on the side of the road.

The leak happened in the middle of the night when it was obviously pitch black out making it very possible that the driver of the truck had no clue it was happening for miles after the initial spill.  Crews expect to have the exits affected back open sometime in the afternoon. 

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