Meet "Peep" the adorably cute, loose-lipped, peppy, little European Starling who Jeanne Governale-Cousineau started rehabbing when he was still nesting.

Photo: Jeanne Governale-Cousineau
Photo: Jeanne Governale-Cousineau

Jeanne from Queensbury, is a certified bird rehabber, so she knows a thing or two about these furry, flying friends.   Recently she shared a video of this super-intelligent, quirky, fun, and very sociable bird to the Wildlife and Nature Lovers of Upstate New York Facebook page and people - myself included - love him.

Starlings are wild birds that can be relatively easy to tame and keep as pets, which is perfectly legal in the U.S.  Jeanne's been around a lot of birds in her life, but it didn't take long before she knew this little chatterbox was different.

Photo: Jeanne Governale-Cousineau
Peep looking handsome  Photo: Jeanne Governale-Cousineau

"Within a few weeks," she says, "we knew (that) he had little interest in being a bird. He wanted to be held, petted, and do whatever we were doing."

Those other things, according to Jeanne, include walking around on the floor, giving her kisses, even stealing lettuce from her salad and running away before he gets caught.  Oh, and he talks...a lot.

Peep is a master mimicker, and Jeanne says that he can emulate the sounds of a microwave so accurately, she's unable to tell the difference.

Songbirds and parrots are the two groups of birds that most people associate with mimmicking human voices and certain sounds, but Starling's, like Peep, do as well.

Peep, however, seems to be on a whole different level.

Photo:Jeanne Governale-Cousineau
Photo:Jeanne Governale-Cousineau

According to Jeanne, the little bird with the precocious 'tude says things like "Special Precious Peep"  as well as “what are you doing?” “Come here” “Peep” “Peepster Peep” and “Good Bird”.

Much of which you can hear in this video she posted on the wildlife Facebook page.

You may need to watch this a few different times.  Peep literally mimicks Jeanne's voice so well, it's hard to differentiate and may need a few views.

Jeanne says that Starlings are amazing with their ability to talk and pointed me toward hilarious videos of them on YouTube.

But Peep seems to take his 'tude to the next level.

"He gets jealous if I’m holding one of our other birds and comes over to investigate. Last night he preened my hair so I would know he was there while I held our cockatiel," she said.

It's his world, we're just lucky to catch a sneak peak.

Welcome to the Peep Show, folks.

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