An Upstate NY hitman who was convicted and sent to prison following three mob-related deaths in the 1990s has reportedly escaped from federal custody and is being sought after by the United States Marshall Service according to sources.

According to NBC News, Dominic Taddeo, 64, was transferred from the Federal Correctional Institution Coleman Medium to a "community confinement" in a residential reentry center overseen by the Bureau of Prisons’ Orlando Residential Reentry Management Office.

Taddeo, who was scheduled to be released from prison in less than a year, allegedly went missing on March 28th, and if history repeats itself, it could be a while before he's captured.


In 1992, Taddeo pleaded guilty to racketeering charges that included the killing of three men (and two attempted other murders) during the Rochester area mob wars in the 1980s and was sentenced to 54 years in prison

This isn't the first time that Taddeo has run from the law, and the last time he made an escape, he disappeared for two years.

In 1987, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, the mob hitman was on $25,000 bail, facing federal weapons charges, when he disappeared from the law, evading capture for nearly two years.

"Taddeo became the focus of a national manhunt, and moved to different locations across the country, assuming two dozen aliases while avoiding police. Law enforcement eventually learned of a payphone in Rochester at which Taddeo called local individuals, and police placed a tap on the phone as they surveilled people taking calls there." -Democrat and Chronicle

Authorities believe that he could be anywhere, and they're not ruling out a return to the Rochester area, or anywhere in Upstate NY for that matter.

A reporter for the Democrat and Chronicle claims that someone from a crime family reached out to the paper, inquiring about Taddeo's release from prison.  While it's not believed that Teddeo is linked to any crime family, "the former mobster was concerned that Taddeo might come gunning for him."

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