How many times have you left work and thought, "Man, it would feel really good to just take a baseball bat and smash the heck outta something!"

Well, here's your opportunity. Have you ever heard of a rage room? It's basically a room that you go into wearing protective clothing, goggles, and a hard hat and just smashes the heck out of stuff like dishes, glasses, computers, glass bottles, and just about anything else you can think of to smash with a bat or sledgehammer.

Rage rooms are sweeping the country and we have a couple of opportunities to get your rage out right here in the Capital Region.

The Relief Room in Malta offers packages for individuals depending on how much relief people need. You can choose anything from "Annoyed" for $35 that includes a bucket of breakables and one medium item to destroy, to "Outraged" for $125 that includes four buckets of breakables, four Medium items, and one large item to destroy.

Maybe you'd rather stay home to destroy stuff...that's where Stress Fracture comes in. They are New York's only mobile rage room that brings the smashing fun right to you. They do both individual and group events. The best part is once you're done smashing everything like the Hulk, they clean up and take it away.

If smashing things isn't your idea of stress relief, please tell me who hurt you if it's not, maybe throwing sharp objects might be more your speed.

Check out Generation Axe Throwing in Colonie for a different kind of stress relief. They offer individual, group packages, leagues, and even offer a mobile ax-throwing trailer that would be awesome for a backyard BBQ.

So if you need to blow off a little steam during these stressful times here are a few good options.

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