Over the years, Mattel has come out with a wide array of Barbies for young girls to be inspired. This time they are hoping to inspire them to get into politics.  Mattel, the maker of the Barbie doll, has always been trying to inspire young girls to achieve and become whomever they want. They have, in the past, come out with their "Barbie Inspiring Women Series". They included jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, founder of modern nursing Florence Nightengale, tennis legend Billie Jean King, civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, and astronaut Sally Ride. They came with specifically themed accessories, a certificate of authenticity, and a doll stand.

Now Mattel is turning to their Barbie dolls to inspire young girls to pursue careers in the world of politics, according to CBS 6 Albany. They are calling the new Barbies the 2020 "Campaign Team". The dolls take on the jobs of campaign manager, fundraiser, candidate, and voter to illustrate to girls the importance and power of an entire political team and how they work together to win. They are hoping to inspire girls ahead of this 2020 election.

There is more information on the Barbie Doll website. Here's what they say of the new dolls:

"Big Dreams. Bright Futures. Their roles are diverse. But when they come together, their impact is monumental! Shop the Campaign Team collection to inspire future leaders through play."

The new Barbie 2020 Campaign Team collection is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and online on the Barbie website.

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