When the pandemic first hit back in March and everyone and everything went into shutdown mode construction was one of the things that was halted. I remember Stewart's Shops saying that their huge construction of new stores and the renovation of older stores would be cut way back this year.

Well, things change. According to The Albany Business Review business is good at Stewart's Shops. That demand has reignited their construction plans and now it looks like Stewart's will build 20 of the 26 stores that they were either new stores or retrofitting older stores. That's pretty good considering back in March or April it looked like growth was going to be slowed for a while.

In Clifton Park Stewart's Shop is constructing a new 3,700 square foot store on Route 9. This will be one of Stewart's Shops expanded stores with more selections and amenities. By the end of the year, Stewart's Shops should have 242 locations including six new locations in New York and western Vermont.

In addition, Stewart's Shops has opened one of their new locations in Port Henry with an expanded selection of groceries including produce, meat, and dairy. That shop is a test prototype of their new store layout to serve smaller communities in the Adirondack Mountains.

Ten stores currently are under construction. The Clifton Park store is scheduled to open Sept. 16. A new shop in Altamont will open a week later. Plus, construction has started on the 60,000 square-foot expansion of the company's dairy, distribution center, and bottling plant off Route 9 in Greenfield.

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