One Grinch must have thought the Whos in Whoville became an easy mark, and decided to move on to more high-profile prey. Early Monday morning, New York City Police made an arrest in the living room of the Upper East Side home of one of cinema’s greats. Who was getting their Christmas stolen? Robert De Niro.

Why this Grinch would want to face off with Raging Bull’s Jake LaMotta is beyond me, but police were prepared. NYC Police were tailing this particular person-of-interest in five Christmas-time burglaries at 2:45 in the morning on Monday.

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According to NYPD per ABC7, the suspect tried a few doors on 65th Street, before finding one that was unlocked and letting herself inside. (It’s a bit crazy to think that Robert De Niro doesn’t lock his townhouse up at night, but whatever.)

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The officers saw the suspect enter the home of the 79-year-old star of 2015’s The Intern, and moved in to make the arrest. Just like another nasty, wasty skunk, police found this crook was underneath the Christmas tree stuffing De Niro’s presents into a sack.

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De Niro, who had been sleeping upstairs, came downstairs to find the home invader headed out of the door in handcuffs. This Grinch should thank her lucky stars it was only De Niro’s house she broke into – if it was Kevin McCallister’s house they would have been calling the coroner.

The 30-year-old habitual criminal already has 16 burglary and larceny arrests on her record, and is one of New York’s most notorious repeat offenders. It’s safe to say this woman’s criminal ability can be summed up in three words: stink, stank, stunk.

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