New York State Troopers deal with a little bit of everything each day on the job. They catch speeders, respond to accidents, help a stranded motorist and of course serve and protect the public. What about helping an injured bald eagle on a New York highway? New York State Trooper Bryan Whalen can add an eagle wrangler to his resume after rescuing an injured eagle on the side of the road.

On Tuesday, the New York State Police got a call from a concerned motorist alerting them to an injured bird on the side of State Route 17 in the Orange County town of Blooming Grove.

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Trooper Bryan Whalen responded to the call and sure enough, it was a bald eagle that was visibly injured. Trooper Whalen grabbed his K9 arm bite sleeve, took off his Trooper jacket, and grabbed the injured eagle, and put it in a carrier.

The eagle was then transferred to Officer Nicole Duchene from the Department of Environmental Conservation who transported the eagle to a Rehab Facility in New Paltz for further care.

The eagle was unavailable for comment, but I'm sure he or she was very happy to be rescued by Trooper Whalen.

Good job Trooper Whalen.



Today, a motorist contacted SP Middletown to report an injured bald eagle on the side of ST-17 in the Town of Blooming...

Posted by New York State Police on Tuesday, March 16, 2021


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