If you're a sports fan, odds are, you've owned sports trading cards at least once.

Whether they're baseball cards, hockey cards, or cards of any other sport, trading cards are one of the more ubiquitous forms of sports memorabilia that you can buy. They come in packs, they're often inexpensive, and they give you the added excitement of not knowing what may be inside.

Every now and then, when someone opens up a pack of trading cards, they'll find something rare. Imagine finding something so rare, that it will eventually net you millions of dollars if you choose to sell it later in life.

A New York native just lived that exact dream this weekend.

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New Yorker Sells Card of New York Yankees' Legend for Record Price

According to a report from CNN and many other outlets, a rare baseball card featuring New York Yankees' legend Mickey Mantle was sold at auction over the weekend for a record-breaking price.

Anthony Giordano, who grew up in New York City, bought the 1952 card for $50,000 in 1991. Just over three decades later, his item has set a record for the most valuable sports collectible in the world.

The auction price? $12.6 million.

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When it became official that the card would be hitting the market, early estimates thought the card had a chance to reach eight figures in total price. That said, I'm not sure anyone could have predicted that the card would sell for over $12 million.

Now, what makes this card so valuable? The most impressive aspect of this card is the condition it's currently in. It's graded as a “Mint+ 9.5” by the Sportscard Guaranty Corporation, which is one of the highest quality grades that a sports card can carry.

In addition to all of that, the card is from 1952, which was only Mantle's second year in Major League Baseball. While it's not as special as a rookie card, it was still created before Mantle developed into the Hall of Fame superstar that we all know today.

When you factor in that Giordano grew up in New York City, and will now forever be linked to this historical sale, it makes the entire story that much more special for him, the Mantle family, and Yankees' fans everywhere.

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