Is this the Most Spooktacular House in Rensselaer County? It could be...

I guess you could say that this is one Halloween House in Rensselaer County putting the howl in Halloween, perhaps even the kill in Poestenkill.  See the 80 + decorations outside of a house in Poestenkill that has become an annual drive-thru for families and is so popular, that it stops traffic!

But there's not a whole lot to be afraid of, most of the Halloween decorations that adorn Patricia Voellm-Pasinello's home are fun and silly, not frightful or chilling.

The home is located at 282 Snyder’s Corners Road, in Poetsenkill, and Voellm-Pasinello tells us that it's normal for traffic in the area to get jammed up a bit as it gets closer to Halloween.

"I have about 50+ hours invested so far," she told us.  "There are about 80+ 5-ft Skeletons dressed as characters from movies, as music stars, and some just fun ones!"

Voellm-Pasinello also tells us that she has werewolves, a giant witch, two dragons, three 12 ft skeletons, and more.

When asked about the reaction she gets from neighbors, Voellm-Pasinello says they're all pretty much "good sport" but she does get a few eye-rolls when the traffic gets backed up, but added that, "none have ever complained to me!"

That's good to hear, and if they have a problem with the display, they can take it up with skeletons.

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