It really feels like we're sliding back to the way things were in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing. Some might say we're being too cautious and others might say that we're not being cautious enough.

A little over a week ago New York lawmakers announced that they weren't going to make any regulations regarding schools reopening this fall. No mask mandates or social distancing regulations, but they would make recommendations and then allow each school district to decide what was right for them.

Now, the New York Education Department has made its recommendations in regards to the 2021-2022 reopening guidelines and they made recommendations for high school sports this year as well.

The NY Education Department recommends schools cancel sports and activities considered high risk if the school district is in an area where the coronavirus or Delta Variant is spreading quickly. They are also recommending that everyone participating in high-risk sports and activities be vaccinated.

Currently, the NY Department of Education identifies high-risk sports like football, volleyball, and competitive cheer/dance. I would imagine that that list will increase depending on how quickly the virus is spreading in that school district.

The Education Department's guidelines are not mandates, but rather recommendations school districts can choose whether to follow.

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