Come Christmas morning in New York, there will be those that sip egg nog and those that sip spiked egg nog. Heck, Ralphie’s parents in A Christmas Story start drinking wine as soon as the kids start opening presents. But this year, those who imbibe have an extra reason and way to celebrate the season.

The 2023 State Budget laws made a few big changes to New York law, including a holiday addition for everyone trying to get extremely merry on Sunday. The same group of changes that made the famous pandemic-era to-go drinks legal, make sure New Yorkers don’t have to worry about running out on the 25th.

Christmas Changes

Christmas Liquor

There was more hidden in the FY 2023 State Budget. Governor Hochul also signed in a few “common-sense” changes to NY’s ABC Law. Those included allowing veteran’s organizations to get a liquor license if they have a police officer as an officer of the organization, letting license applicants provide notice by email, allowing food trucks to operate on farms, and one last big Christmas one.

Boozy Christmas Cider

Under New York State law, 2022 is the first year where liquor stores can legally be open on Christmas Day. Because Christmas Day is a Sunday, all sales will have to take place during normal Sunday business hours set in place by the NY State Liquor Authority.

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That timeframe is noon until 9pm. Stores can be closed if they wish to give employees time off, but if your bottle runs dry while celebrating you can likely find a liquor store near you to lawfully restock.

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