It's stories like this that make you appreciate the work of law enforcement.  Once they put that uniform on, there's no way of knowing what the day will bring.  Danger, unpredictability and high-stress are part of the job.  This story combines all three, but thankfully with a happy ending.

A 92-year-old man reportedly went missing on Monday and it's possible he spent nearly 24 hours alone in the woods after taking a disabling fall.  Today, he's lucky to be alive and reunited with his family after he was safely rescued by a New York State Trooper and his K9 partner on Tuesday afternoon.

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According to a Facebook post by the New York State Police, the unidentified elderly man was reportedly last seen on Monday around 6:30PM in his hometown of Unadilla, NY which is located approximately 95 miles southwest of Albany.

Once the word got out that he was missing, New York State Trooper Darrell Dening and his K9 partner Kin were able to locate the man a few miles from his home.  They were assisted by Troopers from SP Sidney and SP Oneonta, as well as Forest Rangers, Sidney EMS, Unadilla Fire Department and neighbors.

Apparently the elderly man fell down a hill and became stranded.  Alone, injured and too weak to bring himself to safety, the man was rescued after the Trooper/K9 combo  tracked him down nearly a full day after he went missing.

"Trooper Darrell Dening and his K9 partner Kin were able to track the man and located him shortly after 4:00 p.m.  The gentleman was located approximately a mile and a half away from his residence but had not been able to make it back after falling down a hill. " NYSPNEWS.COM 


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