All-Time Favorite Rides and Attractions at the Great Escape

Summer is still a few months away, but once it hits, we turn our attention to warmer days, longer nights, and weekend trips to Lake George to breathe the fresh mountain air, enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Queen of all Lakes and hopefully grab a cone from Martha's.  No visit to Lake George, however, would be complete without a stop at the Great Escape.

The 1980s and 90s

As a kid, we did do a lot of day trips up to Storytown and what is now known as the Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor. For me, this place oozes nostalgia and as I think back to my childhood, I'm so thankful I was the 80s and 90s kid.

When Storytown USA became the Great Escape in 1982, the park took off - adding exciting rides and attractions that took it to the next level.

Great Escape Tears Down Giant Wheel After 30 Nostalgic Years

Things were simpler back then, and technology didn't take over our lives. In those days, getting a Great Escape bumper sticker on your car was a big deal. A lot has changed at the Great Escape over the years, but thankfully, some things have stayed the same.

Are these the Great Escape's best attractions?

Much of this is based purely on nostalgia and my memories. But even if you disagree with the actual ranking, I think you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Ranking 8 Classic Rides and Attractions at the Great Escape

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

Remember this doozy?  Read more about this throw-up throwback...

Brian Cody
The Rotor


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