A viral video surfaced recently of a group of at least 20 bikers, most of them weaving in and out of traffic, driving through medians to get around traffic, some even going through red lights that had changed color some time ago.  Worse, many of them appear to be almost reveling in the bit of chaos and disruption they created on a high-traffic road in Schenectady.

The 60-second video was recently posted to a thread on Albany/Reddit after it was recorded over the weekend in Schenectady.

In it, the gang of the bikers shows little to zero regard at all for the law or anyone's safety. Thousands have viewed it, and almost as many people had plenty to say about the video caught on tape.

Most people spoke on the dangers of being in a vehicle when they're run upon by a pack like this, especially when some of the bikers block traffic lights and swerve through lanes as to not get too far behind the others.

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I honestly don't know what this biker crew was thinking.  I don't ride a motorcycle, but you don't need to be privy to the ways of this particular crew of riders to know that what they're doing here is unlawful and pretty unsafe.

As far as I know, the video hasn't officially been shown to local police. And at the risk of sounding any more like "get off my roads, guy," I'll let the video recently posted to a thread on Albany/Reddit and was recorded over the weekend in Schenectady do the explaining.

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