No matter what the topic of conversation is, New York Mets' fans know that Keith Hernandez will say whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

The long-time Mets' first baseman-turned-analyst is staple on the New York broadcasts...except, of course, for when he's not. Hernandez served as a color commentator for most of the Mets' broadcasts on their television station, SNY, but as most broadcasters do, has a few games where he's on vacation.

Most times, broadcasters will strategically schedule off-days for long road trips, or around the All-Star Break. Not Keith, however, and when he explained his reasoning for upcoming off-days, he managed to anger an entire fan base.

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Mets' Keith Hernandez Angers Phillies' Fans with Comments About Team

As written about by The New York Post and a number of other outlets, New York Mets' broadcaster Keith Hernandez came under fire recently for saying that he hates broadcasting games between the Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Why does he hate these games? That's a good question, reader of this story. Why don't I just let Keith explain his rationale:

Naturally, Phillies' fans reacted rationally and calmly to a rival team's broadcaster calling them out on television. In fact, their reaction was anything but calm, and it's caused quite a bit of hilarity on Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets about Hernandez by angry Phillies' fans.

  The Best Tweets from Angry Phillies' Fans Talking About Keith Hernandez

A simple search of the name "Keith Hernandez" on Twitter will give you quite a few laughs today:

See what I mean? Calm and rational!

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