NY State Police are warning those who plan to do some hiking in the Adirondacks to be mindful of what they leave behind in their cars following a rash of vehicle break-ins over the weekend.  Many hikers have reported purses, credit cards, and other valuables being stolen.

The Adirondacks are an absolute treasure and that is one of the undeniable truths about living in upstate New York. The combination of the rich, dense and mysterious forest coupled with breathtaking views, chance encounters with interesting and exotic wildlife, and the simple and pure fresh air, and it's no wonder people have taken to the trails of the Adirondacks.

Another undeniable truth about life in upstate, is that during the pandemic, more Capital Region residents found their way onto hiking trails than ever have before.  Unfortunately, more people means more crime, even way up in the mountains.

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In a Facebook message posted over the weekend, the New York State Police Troop G warned the public of the break-ins along the Adirondack trail heads in Lake George and Washington County Areas:

"Between 11am-4pm (Saturday), multiple hikers had their vehicles broken into in these areas. Purses, credit cards, and other valuables were taken.
Please do not leave valuables in sight when leaving a vehicle unattended. If at all possible bring valuable items with you."
                                                                              -New York State Police
According to their Facebook page, state police are currently investigating these incidents from over the weekend. They are asking that if you have any information, please call SP Queensbury at 518-583-7000.

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