I know what this looks like, but trust me it's not something from a "Hangover" movie. This particular State Police raid didn't happen in Hollywood, it happened in Austerlitz.  Dozens of firearms, cocaine, cash and yes, an illegally possessed monkey were seized on Thursday in the drug/primate bust 40 miles outside of Albany.

According to the New York State Police Facebook, Troop K SORT (Special Operations Response Team) and VGNET (Violent Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team) announced the discovery on Thursday.  It appears to be a pretty big seize containing a lot of guns, a lot of loot, a lot of drugs and one primate.

According to the NYSP Facebook page, "almost 60 illegally possessed firearms, cocaine, cash and an illegally possessed monkey from a home in Austerlitz."

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According to the release, "the suspect now faces felony drug and weapon possession charges."

But what about the monkey?   The New York State Police say that the monkey is safe and is in the care of the NYS DEC.

Photo: NYSP Facebook
Photo: NYSP Facebook

Austerlitz, a town in Columbia County,  is approximately 40 miles southeast of Albany.

And for anyone wondering about the monkey in the "Hangover 2", her name is Crystal and she's been acting since 1997.  In addition to playing a drug dealing monkey in the "Hangover", she's also appeared in "George of the Jungle", The "Dr. Doolittle" series, as well as the "Night at the Museum" series.

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