Does anyone have an explanation behind the bizarre lights seen in the skies near Poughkeepsie on Friday night?

We might need Mulder and Scully out here as soon as possible. This is not the first time some weird lights have baffled Hudson Valley residents. Just a few months ago a light beam was captured in a photo moving across a busy highway.

Some new lights are in town and no one can seem to guess what caused them.

Upstate New Yorkers don't need to storm Area-51. We may have all the evidence of alien activity we need. The Hudson Valley is one of the biggest UFO hotspots on the entire East Coast. Some people who were driving on the Taconic near Lagrange may have learned that lesson the hard way.

At first glance you will most likely think it's an airplane. It certainly looks like it could be but the passengers who recorded the video claim that the craft with the lights was hovering and not moving forward. It only appears like the craft was moving because their car was moving quickly.

Twitter: @Kabamur_Taygeta
Twitter: @Kabamur_Taygeta

What do you think it is? Could it be a plane, helicopter or maybe even a drone? Or could it be visitors from another galaxy. If that's the case what would they want in Poughkeepsie? Check out the video below.

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