I didn't think I would miss movies at a movie theater as much as I have. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and the movie theaters closed I thought to myself, "Well, that's too bad, but at least I can watch movies at home." You know what? It's not the same. There's something so different watching a huge blockbuster movie with a large group of people...and that's what I've been missing.

Today Regal Cinema released a video explaining their plan to reopen their theaters. Of course, social distancing and masks are a huge part of the plan. Check out the video here.

According to www.nyup.com, Regal will also give employees daily screenings and PPE including gloves and masks. They will have increased cleanings between showings, and utilize contactless payments for both tickets and concessions.

People going to see a movie will have to wear masks except when they are eating or drinking in the auditorium during the movie.

So, when they do open up, what are we going to be able to see? There aren't any new movies out and most of the big blockbuster movies have been moved to 2021. Regal says they will play some classic movies like “Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back,” “Jaws,” “Black Panther” and “Beauty & The Beast.”

As far as new movies, “Wonder Woman 1984″ will premiere in October, the James Bond adventure “No Time to Die” is set to be released in November, and “Bill and Ted Face the Music” will come out in early September on video on demand and in theaters.

The monkeywrench in Regal Cinema's plans to reopen is Governor Cuomo. Right now the Capital Region is in Phase Four of the reopening, but movie theaters are still not allowed to open. Maybe this announcement and video by Regal Cinema's will tip the scales and allow movie theaters to reopen in Upstate New York.

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