Short tempers and quick fuzes seem to be the norm these days, but even so, this isn't exactly the type of greeting anyone should have to deal with inside a Walmart, especially when you're just doing your job.

Police say a local Walmart employee has a fractured wrist after he was pushed to the ground by an unruly customer on Wednesday afternoon.  The worst part is, the elderly employee on the receiving end of the egregious greeting is said to be over 65-years-old.

According to a report in the Post-Star, the incident took place on Wednesday afternoon inside the Halfmoon Walmart located at 1549 Route 9 in Clifton Park.

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That's when police say 51-year-old Nicholas Flannery from Saratoga Springs became upset when he was told he couldn't use the emergency exit.    According to the report in the Post-Star, Flannery became confrontational with an elderly Walmart employee who suggested he use the main entrance.

Flannery then allegedly shoved the elderly worker - said to be over the age of 65 - to the ground. The Walmart employee, whose name hasn't been released, suffered a fractured wrist in the ruckus.

According to the Post-Star, Flannery was "charged with second-degree assault-injuring a victim 65 or older."

Store confrontations have become all too familiar these days, especially during the pandemic when some people seem to have less respect for store rules and policies.  Altercations over wearing (or not wearing) your mask seems to be the main cause for tense moments to arise. That doesn't appear to be the case here.

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