To say the graduating class of 2020 got screwed out of what a traditional senior year is supposed to be is an understatement. Whether they are graduating from high school or college...heck, even middle school....students all over the Capital Region have had to adjust to a "new normal" due to the coronavirus.

The loss of proms, sports, parties, senior trips, and maybe even in-person graduation has robbed them of traditional senior experiences that they worked so hard to achieve.

One local senior at Saratoga Springs High School decided to try to make the best out of a disappointing situation by uniting the area's high school class of 2020 and raising money for The Red Cross at the same time.

Saratoga Springs High School senior Casey Navin approached T-Shirt Graphics owner Dennis Albright in Balston Spa with an idea for a t-shirt for all high school seniors in the (518) area code. According to the story on Albright loved the idea.

The design is a circle of students holding hands around the words "518 Class of 2020 United"

In addition to being a t-shirt to unite all the Capital Regions high school seniors, it also will raise money for The American Red Cross.

Shirts are on sale now and come in three tie-dye designs, an assortment of solid colors to match your school colors, and there's even a sticker available for your car.

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