Like it or not, it's hard not to gain weight from time to time.

I'm in my mid-20's, and even I'm starting to realize that reality. As the days of adolescence turn to adulthood, it's much harder to eat anything and everything in sight, and have your metabolism be able to keep up. You can play pick-up sports, work out, go for runs, whatever you choose; it's nearly impossible to keep every extra pound off.

As a state, however, weight gain trends have ticked up in recent years.

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In response to these troubling trends, the website BarBend began to do some research. Specifically, they looked into obesity rates in every county in New York in 2012, and compared them to obesity rates in the same counties in 2022. They laid out the statistics, and used them to rank every New York county on their change in obesity rate over the past decade.

Of note, only ONE of the 62 counties in New York saw a drop in obesity rate of the last decade: Putnam County. One other county, Seneca County, saw no change in obesity rate from a decade ago until now. All of the remaining 60 counties in New York saw at LEAST a 1% net increase in obesity rate, with the highest total coming in at 11% in Franklin County.

We dove into the rankings, and pulled out the statistics for each of the 11 counties in the Capital Region. Below, you can see the change in every county's obesity rate, and where each ranks within the state of New York.

Does your county need to step up the cardio a bit?

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