Folks in Pattersonville told News 10 ABC that for years there were reports of a large animal making the rounds around town, appearing in backyards and barns, but never staying long enough for anyone to get a real good look.  What was this sly animal that had become a mystery in Pattersonville?

Some thought it may have been a moose, others had an inkling it was a horse, but the elusive nature of the animal and the occasional sightings gave it a bit of a "bigfoot" feel.  That was until recently, when according to News 10, a local woman got a tip that the tricky animal was close by.  Immediately the team of Peaceful Acres Horses, a sanctuary for formerly at-risk and slaughter-bound equines, rallied the troops and headed out looking to make a discovery.

According to News 10 ABC, it was indeed a horse.  And nobody was better equipped than Nanci Byrel, founder of Peaceful Acres Horses to corral the equine in.  Byrel told the news station that Laurie - the  woman who actually found the horse - named her "Asha" which means "alive and well."  While Asha was alive, she wasn't exactly well.

The report explained that horse, an older girl, was severely malnourished and even had a nail stuck in her hoof but that didn't stop the team from completing the task it set out to do.  They brought Asha to Peaceful Acres Horses and for the past week or so, they've been nursing her back to health.

Photo: Peaceful Acres Horses Facebook
Photo: Peaceful Acres Horses Facebook

On their Facebook page, Peaceful Acres wrote:

"One week ago today we saved this precious, sweet mare from dying from starvation in the bitter cold of rural Upstate NY. Asha was abandoned, alone, starving and cold." 

Asha's new home even created a GoFundMe for her adding:

"Asha's restoration will take several months, so if you are so inclined, please consider making a charitable donation to Asha's Fund on her GoFundMe Campaign Page. "

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