A group of Schenectady High School students got together and produced a step video to encourage young, eligible voters to get out and vote in 2020. It features students in grades 9th through 12th and was a project that was started by the Schenectady High School Dance Teachers, Sheila Los, Daniella Cipriano, and Eric Hatch according to News10.

The video is called "Step To Vote" and is basically the kind of dance routine you might see teens doing on TickToc. Hey if it gets them to get out and vote that's awesome. Plus, the dance will give them something to do while they are waiting in line at their polling place.

The video was done in conjunction with the SPAC Learning Library. The SPAC Learning Library is a free online resource that includes video lessons, printable activities, and more, designed to keep kids and families engaged and creative during the pandemic shutdown.

WNYT released some early voting numbers for counties around the Capital Region and the turnout has been huge.

  • Albany County 7,500 Voters
  • Rensselaer County 3,300 Voters
  • Saratoga County 3,600 Voters
  • Schenectady County 5,700 Voters

For more information on early voting go to the New York Election page and enter your county. Early voting in the Capital Region continues through Sunday.

So whether you dance there, like our Schenectady High School students or not get out and vote.

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