School Nurse Finds Tattoo on 10-Year-Old Boy in Upstate NY- Mom Arrested!

Parents are forced to make tough decisions every day, and there's nothing more difficult than having to tell your child "No" when they really want something.

Kids can be convincing, and as they get older their wants and needs change, and so do their convictions.

But how does a 10-year-old boy in Upstate NY convince his mom that he should get an actual tattoo - and then have her sign off on it?

That's what happened recently in Upstate NY, and if you're you're anything like us you're probably shaking your head and wondering how this could happen; well here's what we know so far.

According to the Daily Mail, Crystal Thomas, 33, was arrested two days ago for endangering the welfare of a child and released on an appearance ticket.

When the alleged incident happened, the boy was staying at the Highland Motel in Highland, NY - about an hour south of Albany with his mother and an older sibling. That's when according to the Daily Mail, "He learned that a man in a neighboring room could give him a tattoo."
His mother allowed him to go next door and get the tattoo and did not supervise him, police said.

Thankfully, a school nurse saw the tattoo on the 10-year-old after he went to the office looking to apply vaseline to it.  She quickly alerted officials.

The tattoo, on the boy's forearm, measured 6- 8 inches in length and spelled out the boy's name according to the Daily Mail

Who performed the tattoo on the child and where did it happen?

Lloyd Police Chief James Janso told the Daily Mail it happened "in a room in a motel in which Thomas was staying with her two children, by a gentleman in the room next to them."

Thomas was not in the room with the tattoo artist or her son according to the report, and the police are in the process of trying to locate the man who did the work, and what his relationship may be with the family.

Thomas’s son and his sibling were taken in by child protective services.

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