Our hearts continue to be heavy while we wait for what is hopefully some good news regarding Joe Iachetta. The 30-year-old K9 Sergeant with the Albany County Sheriffs Office was involved in a tragic collision on Monday morning causing his vehicle to be trapped for over 30 minutes underneath a tractor-trailer.

Iachetta was unconscious when emergency personnel arrived and had to be extricated from his vehicle.  He is currently undergoing multiple surgeries at Albany Medical Center and according to Sheriff Craig Apple is in "stable condition."

As devastating as this news has been for local law enforcement and the community, it was learned on Monday that Iachetta's pregnant wife Sara is due to have their second child in about a month.

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On Tuesday morning, a heavy-hearted Apple called into GNA to update us on his condition as well as the mental health of Iachetta's law enforcement family.   "When something like this happens, and you have to go tell his pregnant wife, it's beyond heart wrenching," Apple said.

Miraculously, Iachetta's K9 "Rice" was unharmed in the crash. "The Shephard got out of it unscathed...and quite honestly, I think the cage in the car is the reason that Joe is still with us," a somber Apple explained.

It's quite astounding when you think about that.  The force from the tractor-trailer was enough to sheer the windshield off the car, but somehow,  Rice's K9 cage was able to withstand the force saving both of their lives.

Photo: Iachetta Family, GofFundMe.com
Photo: Iachetta Family, GofFundMe.com

"Once the dog cage caught the trailer, it pretty much stopped in place," he explained.  Apple went on to say that, "the entire roof would have continued to sheer off, and God knows what would have happened."

Apple told us that he's not entirely clear on what Iachetta's prognosis is, but on Tuesday morning he was cautiously optimistic telling us us that the road to recovery is a long one. "Everything from his shoulders down appear to be in good shape, but a lot of the damage was suffered up in his head."

"I'm sure he'll pull through," Apple said.  Adding "He's a fighter...and he's been a great employee, the kind of guy you'd want (other employees) to model themselves after."

A friend of the family created a Go Fund Me on Monday morning and as of this morning, it had nearly $70,000 generously donated to his family.

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