As talented as Kyrie Irving is, there is always plenty of drama attached to his name, whether it be positive or negative drama.  Kyrie can flat out play when he is on the court.  He is extremely quick with the ball and is a lethal ball handler and shooter.  When he penetrates the lane, it causes major problems for the opposing team's defense.  However this past season for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie didn't see the floor as much as they would have liked him too.  With the New York City vaccination requirements, Kyrie couldn't play home games until the very end of the season due to the fact that he was not vaccinated.  Now there is another issue.

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Kyrie has until June 29th to decide if he wants to either opt in or out of his player option worth around over $36 million.  The Nets will then have the option to give him a contract extension which is going be a whole different situation.  The talent is obviously there for Kyrie, but will he be available consistently?  It will be a topic of conversation for the weeks and months to come for sure.

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MJ and I were joined by Chris Milholen from Nets Daily and he is a very good beat reporter for the Brooklyn Nets.  He dove into this whole Kyrie Irving situation with us earlier this morning right here on Big Board Sports.  Below is our full interview with him.

It will be very interesting to see how this will all play out but I really hope we see more of Kyrie Irving on the court with Kevin Durant healthy for the Brooklyn Nets next season.

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