Ask anyone in the Capital Region who makes the best bagel in town, and you're sure to get a variety of answers.  Some may say its Bruegger's with their few remaining places in the Capital Region, while other people will tell you that Price Chopper/Market 32 has some of the best bagels in town.  Or maybe it's the small mom-and-pop that sits on the corner of a town or village out in the country.  Whatever you crave, I hope you're able to to find it.  But if not, a new bagel option in the Albany area will be popping out fresh bagels in a few short months.

Gone are the days of Bagel Baron and Joe's Deli, two old-school Albany landmarks and favorites of mine growing up in Albany.  When it came to a great bagel or a deli sandwich and some nice matzo ball soup, they were second to none.


Whether you long for the days of old or found a new favorite place to shmear your favorite cream cheese, a delicious perfectly boiled and browned bagel is not always easy to find.  That may change after it was reported by the Times Union that a brand new bagel place is opening up later this summer in Albany's Crestwood Plaza, called Pearl's Bagels and Bakery.

On their website, they describe themselves as "Small-batch, hand-rolled bagels and baked goods. Made with love, patience, and our Community in mind."  Currently, according to the TU, they're doing takeout orders from the owners' kitchen.

According to the report in the Times Union, Pearl's will open up as a takeout business only serving their bagels, "signature" challah in addition to baked goods and sandwiches.


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