Professional athletes are just like us: sometimes, they get in trouble with the law.

Unfortunately, when a pro athlete has a run-in with the authorities, or ends up being arrested, their situation receives far more media attention than if any one of us had the exact same situation occur. Oftentimes, media can even blow a story out of proportion, leading to worse public opinion than was actually warranted.

No matter how you slice it, however, every now and again, an athlete will get in trouble with the law. The New York Mets' baseball team has had a number of players who fit that description.

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Over the years and decades of New York Mets' baseball, the crimes for which players have been charged range in severity. Some have been one-time offenders, and were arrested for DUIs and other misdemeanors.

Others, however, have had more consistent issues with the law, and have been involved in felonies that have led to heavy fines and jail time. In certain rare cases, arrests have even cost players the rest of their playing careers.

We've gathered together ten stories of Mets' players who have fallen victim to arrests during, or after, their playing careers. This story isn't meant to poke fun, or make light, of very serious situations. Rather, it's meant to provide factual information about crimes that were highlighted by the media, and in some cases, show fans that these players have shown remorse, and sought out help in their personal lives.

Here are ten New York Mets' players, current and former, who were arrested, and the reasons behind it happening.

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