In a few weeks, those weddings that have been put on hold for the last year or so will be happening at venues throughout the Capital Region and with it comes some new guidelines.  Some might call Governor Cuomo The Wedding Zinger after a series of new Covid "wedding rules" were recently laid out.  If you or someone you know in the Capital Region plans to either host or attend a wedding this Spring, these new Covid wedding rules are a must-read if you want to get down on the dancefloor.

Once March 15th rolls around, you and your wedding party can surely dance the night away, but you may feel like you're doing the "Don't Be Stupid Shuffle" instead of the "Cupid Shuffle."

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According to, the latest mandates on social distance dancing at weddings is as coordinated as the "Cha Cha Slide" and features as many rules as a middle school sock hop.

In order to ensure everyone's safety, masks must be worn at all times when on the dancefloor.  You may only dance with with "members of your immediate party, household or family who are seated at your table at the event."

You are required to stay in what is being deemed a "dance zone" which will be no less than 36 square feet.  You may not wander outside of your dance zone. Ceremonial dances where others are invited to join in are permitted as long as "they are designated to event venues in advance. Those dances are also limited to members of the same party, household or family and dancers must stay 6 feet apart from other attendees during the dance."

According to the compiled list of rules from, wedding bands are allowed to keep the party rocking, but must do so while wearing a mask.  If someone in the band (ie: a singer or horn player) can't wear their mask, they must be 12 feet away from attendees according to the report.

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