When I was growing up there was an old house that everyone called the "Black Sabbath" house. It was grey, dilapidated, the lawn was overgrown and kinda creepy. It looked like the house on the cover of the "Black Sabbath" debut album. The rumor was that the house was owned by a group of people that used the basement for black magic. Of course, none of it was true, but that didn't keep us from being fascinated with this old house.

There's a house in Binghamton, NY that is known as "The Witch House" because it was painted in shades of grey. It is an old house that was built in 1853, but it wasn't abandoned or dilapidated. Now it's colorfully painted and really beautiful. Inside there's still plenty of original details from the 1800s and it needs some renovation and updating, but the house is very cool.

Now "The Witch House" is back on the market after being owned by the same couple for the last 45 years. Now, it's time for someone else to own "The Witch House". Check out the pictures of this really cool victorian house.

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